Our top 8 tips for Santorini

1. Choose a hotel with a great view of Santorini

There are a lot of amazing hotels in Santorini, but not all of them have the perfect view! Therefore, our first tip is to find a great hotel with an amazing view of the Caldera. We stayed at Sophia Luxury Suites in Imerovigli in their amazing Aurora Cave Suite, which was a cosy suite with an incredible view of the  Aegean sea and volcano. Each morning we had a delicious breakfast on our balcony, while later in the evening we enjoyed our private hot tub and just relaxed and enjoyed the incredible sunset view.

2. Dine at the Athenian House

Again, there are a lot of restaurants in Santorini, but for us, if you want a truly amazing dining experience then you have to have dinner during sunset at the Athenian House restaurant. Konstantinos Priovolos idea behind the restaurant was to transform traditional Greek dishes, like his mother used to cook, into gourmet creations with a modern twist, and we have to say, its incredible!

​Theres no need to worry about being cold after/during the sunset as they provide you with a little blanket to keep you warm, usually given to theladies, we ended up snuggling on the seat with the blanket wrapped around us enjoying the gorgeous red sky! The view while dinning isincredible, words can’t describe its beauty, and neither do the pictures below, but there a start!

We started with a “journey of Greece.” This included three olive oils, including their olives, that each represented the different parts of Greece: The first olive oil represented North Greece, wet and rainy, the third, central Greece, fruity and finally Kalamata, very dry. It came with some fresh soft bread to dip and try each olive oil with, including slices of apple to freshen the taste buds.

Then we had the Grilled Calamari and the incredible slow cooked Octopus (I love Octopus). They were both delicious, the Octopus was cooked perfectly and the avocado went perfectly with the black lentils.

For our mains, as the sun started to set, we had black linguine and Lobster Orzo. As we have a halal diet we had the black linguine without the chorizo. The shrimp was cooked to perfection and just melted in your mouth, while the lobster went perfectly with the Greek saffron and hazelnuts.

DESSERT TIME! For dessert, as the sun disappeared and the sky turned red we had the most incredible dessert, The Athenian Baklava! It consists of a crispy phyllo pastry ​with peanut butter, salty caramel and pistachio nuts, it was so crispy, sugary, tasty and gooey!
We enjoyed our time so much we had to get a picture with the man himself!

3. Sunset Cruise

We booked our sunset cruise with Sunset Oia Sailing and, although at the end it was a bit cloudy and we missed the sunset, we had an incredible time and absolutely loved it! The staff were extremely friendly and made the whole experience that extra bit special.
They picked us up from our hotel and drove us to the docks where our Catamaran awaited. Once we boarded, we sailed to the picturesque red beach, where we stayed for around half an hour to swim and snorkel, then sailed to the white beach for some more snorkeling and a tasty BBQ on board. After, we sailed by the Akrotiri, an ancient lighthouse, to the hot springs and then finally, as the sky started to turn a gorgeous red, to the bottom of Oia village to watch the sunset. 

4. Lunch at Avocado (ITS HALAL!)

We walked passed Avocado a few times whilst exploring Santorini, the staff always seemed so happy, welcoming their customers and we would always see a few familiar faces of returning customers. We decided to check the menu, and we were astonished to find that it was halal! We had searched and searched for halal places online only to be told there were none, but they were all wrong! The atmosphere was really happy and nice and the food was delicious, sadly however we popped in the day before we left, so we didn’t have chance to go back again, which we definitely wanted to.

5. Hire an ATV

We hired our ATV from Motorin, they dropped and collected it from our hotel which made it really easy. We were a bit worried about the roads as we had heard they are a bit manick, and it definitely looked like that on our ride to the hotel. However we took it easy and stayed to the main roads and we were fine, absolutely loved driving around the beautiful island.

6. Oia to Thira

The walk from Fira to Oia is, although long and a bit tiring, very scenic. There are some incredible views along the walk, the path can be a bit hard to walk on at times and it is a fairly long walk but its definitely worth it.

7. Massage at San Antonio hotel

We booked a massage at the incredible San Antonio hotel and asked if we could use their amazing infinity pool! The couples back massage was amazing and sadly was over too quickly! After we sat beside the infinity pool and enjoyed the magnificent scenery, we also had a little swim.

8. The Famous Oia Sunset

After our stroll to Oia we attempted to get the famous sunset shot! We got in the exact position needed and guess what happened? It was a cloudy day so we didn’t get it. Below is the picture we did get, now i know you’ve seen this pic with an incredible sunset!

Watch it all here:

Although we had a complimentary sunset cruise, discounted meal at Athenian House, discounted stay at Sophia and a 2 for 1 massage at San Antonio, all opinions are our own and we only work with companies that we believe in.

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