First time parents – baby big purchases

As first time parents it can be a bit daunting when it comes to buying newborn baby products. There are hundreds and hundreds of brands and they all look very similar. With our little one on the way in a few weeks, we have put together a list of baby products that we have decided to buy, but they are in no way products that we are telling you to buy.

Pushchair travel system

This was one of the hardest decisions to make, as there are so many prams out there. We tried out so many and narrowed it down to 3.

iCandy Peach 3

The iCandy Peach 3 is a really popular pushchair and you can see why; it is very sleek in its design and made very well. It uses one base for the carry cot and next stage seat as the material for the seats go on to one frame which is handy for storage. The only negative to the pram was the price as you don’t get much for your money and have to pay for extras such as footmoofs etc. Also I (Jasmin) struggled with putting the pram down as it involved a slam down like action.

Prices start from £999 and come with a car seat on their website

Silvercross Pioneer

Again this is another really popular pushchair and is a very famous brand in the pram world. The design is what drew me to it but unfortunately Nav thought it looked too ‘posh’. The Pioneer has a separate carry cot and seat unit, so you will have to think about storage when you move to the next seat. It is very simple to put down and up. The bundles that come with the Pioneer are good value for money and some come with the Silvercross branded car seat.


Prices start from £819 and come with the above on babyplanet

Oyster 3

This is the pram we went for as we both loved the design, it was the easiest to put up and down (you can even put it down with the seat still attached but not the carry cot). It does have a separate carry cot but we will just store it in the loft. The bundles are really good and come with car seats.  We decided to upgrade our car seat and went for the Cybex Cloud Z as it has the side impact protection and has the turn feature, so you can turn the baby to you when you want to get the car seat out, making it a little easier. It also has the recline feature so your baby can sleep for longer in the car seat, as babies should only be in car seats for 90 minutes.


Prices start from £938 for a bundle like this on babyplanet


This was an easy one for us. When we first looked at prams, the store we went to had a Mamas and Papas Atlas Cot set with the wardrobe and drawer with changing table. I fell in love with the colour and style of it. It was perfect for the nursery. The cot is actually a cot bed and can convert into a toddler bed for when the baby is older.

We found this cheaper on another website at £565 which Mamas and Papas happily price matched


For the bedside cot, we wanted something smaller and easy to get/see the baby whilst they are sleeping. Also easy for breast feeding. We heard a lot about the Snuzpod 3 and loved the design; it looked modern and came in grey!

Price is £199.99 and they are currently offering a free SnuzCloud on their website which can play white noise and help put the baby to sleep

Steriliser & Bottles

We have decided that we are going to try to breast feed and express bottle feed the baby so a good steriliser is essential for that. There are so many out there and two types – microwave and electric. The MAM steriliser is both an electric steriliser and microwave steriliser – best of both worlds ay and also includes a bottle/food warmer. We are planning on using the MAM bottles as they have got great reviews and are anti colic.


Currently retails at £89.99 on Amazon


Breast Pumps

Again there are so many out there and come as either manual breast pumps or electric breast pumps. MAM again do a 2 in 1 so you have the option to use the manual or electric pump which is very useful. You can also use it wirelessly as it has a battery that you charge. Making it perfect for when you out and about.

Currently retails at £119.99 and is available as a double breast pump too at £159.99

A cheaper alternative is the Piaek double electric breast pump which is currently retailing at £35.99! It is super affordable and has great reviews on Amazon.


This is probably the one we did the least amount of research on and just saw it in a store whilst looking for prams. We went for the Joie Sansa 2 in 1 rocker which can be used as a normal bouncer and it attached to the base which rocks the baby. We bought it second hand as it is quite pricey at £150. The baby Bjorn bouncer is a bouncer that has caught my eye recently but is pretty pricey. I think any bouncer will do, you don’t need to get one that is all singing and dancing and looking back, I probably wouldn’t have purchased the Joie Sansa.

Moses Baskets

Moses baskets aren’t essential but they can be handy to have downstairs, so that the baby can sleep whilst you are watching tv. Like the Snuzpod, the baby will only be able to sleep in it until they are around 6 months/when they can start sitting up.

We went for the Claire De Lune  moses basket in dimple as we loved the style and it looks so cosy!

Currently retails at £38.99 at online4baby (stand sold separately) 

So that wraps up all the big newborn purchases that we decided to buy. Please leave any questions or recommendations that you may have in the comments and thank you for reading 🙂

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