An Adrenaline Filled Day at Xplor Park

There are many adventure parks in the Cancun area and we were so excited to go to Xplor. We booked Xplor park with My Cancun Tours as it included round-trip transfers, admission to the park and we had enjoyed the previous tours we had with them. We were picked up nice and early and luckily our resort was very close to the park so we arrived before the crowds.

When we got to the admissions desk we were given our wrist band and helmet, we had decided before we arrived, that we were going to get the photo package. The photo package gives you an unlimited amount of photos throughout the park and it is definitely worth buying, as the park is dark in areas. The cameras throughout the park recognise your wrist band and capture you either during an activity or at special locations around the park.

Trip tip: Don’t forget your mosquito spray! We forgot ours and we didn’t notice until the end when the next day we had massive red itchy circles all over our feet!

The park has 5 main activities, these are:

  • Two river circuits to paddle on rafts
  • Two circuits with 14 zip-lines
  • Travel along 6.2 miles through two circuits on an ATV
  • Swim along 430 yards along the stalactite river

​We decided to do the zip-lines first, these are two circuits each with seven zip-lines. You might think you’d get bored of 14 zip-lines but they are all completely different, you go from flying over the canopies of the forrest trees to zip-lining into water. One of the circuits also has a waterslide! It was so much fun, on some lines you get to go tandem which was really fun! 

As we were already wet from the zip-lining, we decided to go and do the paddle rafts. The paddle rafts are a bit awkward at first as you have two paddles that attach to your hands but you soon get used to it as you get lost in the magical river caves

After the rafts we went to swim in the underground rivers. You are given life vests so you can float and enjoy the water underground. This was really refreshing and fun.

We were starting to feel a bit hungry after all of the activities so it was time to head to the buffet. Being on a halal diet we were a bit worried about what we were going to eat, but there were plenty of veggie options.

There’s also a little bar hidden in the jungle that serves all kinds of smoothies and juices and they are really delicious and refreshing.

Time for the amphibious vehicles! These were really fun, Jaz was a bit scared of my driving at first but then she really enjoyed it too. You drive through the jungle into caves and big puddles and its so much fun. It got a bit annoying when we got stuck behind a slow couple, but it was still fun

Now that we’d finished all of the amazing activities, we decided to explore more and get more fun pictures, a few are below

We had such an amazing time at Xplor, we definitely recommend it as its such a fun day out

​See it all in action below 🙂

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  1. 15/06/2018 / 9:45 pm

    This brings back memories! We did Xplor park too and had so much fun! My wrist band didn’t work and didn’t register me so we only had a few photos to take home. Definitely a great day out if you fancy a break from sun bathing 🙂

    • couplearoundtheworld
      24/06/2018 / 10:27 am

      Oh no that’s a shame your wrist band didn’t work! It’s such an amazing experience isn’t it, was so different to anything we’d done before

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